Brand worth your money: SVNR-The Tufts Daily

2021-12-08 05:38:46 By : Mr. Bei Chen

Christina Tung created the brand SVNR to sell ethical jewelry, each with its own unique story. Before founding SVNR in Brooklyn Bedford-Stuvincent in 2018, Tung worked in her public relations showroom, House Of. Tung is described as having an "eclectic, global-influencing style" that permeates every handmade jewelry piece and its various materials. 

Some of my favorite pieces are dangling earrings. An interesting aspect of SVNR is that they sell all earrings individually, rather than in pairs. The idea behind this is that the brand wants their customers to mix and match earrings to create a truly personalized look. My three favorite earrings are Jingdezhen, Nairobi and Luoyang.

First of all, Jingdezhen was inspired by its namesake city in China, which was famous for its porcelain in the Ming Dynasty. This earring is a pearl stud with a porcelain ball-shaped drop of water and a blue flower pattern on it.

Nairobi, named after the capital of Kenya, is a 4.25 inch long dangling earring made of agate, wood, shell and aventurine. In addition to the beautiful design and transparency of materials, Nairobi has an additional benefit: 100% of its net profit is used for Building Black Bed-Stuy. The mission of the organization is to "protect and maintain the Black communities in Bed Stuy and other regions by providing financial relief to black-owned businesses and organizations."

Finally, Luoyang's earrings are 650 US dollars more expensive than the first two earrings. However, the price is reasonable because they are "made of old-fashioned glass buttons and ancient Chinese coins of the Qing Dynasty, dug from the seabed by Balinese divers". These 3-inch long earrings are named after the oldest city in China. There is a long tassel under the buttons and Chinese coins. 

Although I would say that earrings are my favorite brand products, there are definitely other outstanding products. The handbag series is a collaboration with the independent handbag brand Petit Kouraj. The fishing net bags are decorated with various ornaments such as shells and buttons, and are named after different beaches in Haiti. In addition, there are some excellent necklaces, such as Kenya bone necklace and coconut necklace, they all support the aforementioned Building Black Bed-Stuy. The beads of the Kenyan bone necklace are decorated with eye-catching black and white patterns. Kenyan villages use the batik method to cover part of the beads with wax to create this unique pattern. Coconut Necklace is a twist on the African disc style popular in the 1960s, which uses vinyl beads. This version does not use vinyl, but instead uses a disc engraved on the coconut shell.

In general, SVNR has many amazing works, each of which has an amazing background story and is ethical.