Internal sale: save up to 79% — video doorbell, wireless TV headset, diamond earrings | Insider Edition

2021-12-08 05:37:33 By : Ms. Maggie Chen

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Inside Edition has partnered with and their lifestyle expert Valerie Greenberg, and she is sharing some amazing internal transactions at super discounts. 1. Bosma Sentry 1080P video doorbell-$49 (65% discount)

Now, even if you are not at home, you can see, hear and talk to visitors. The doorbell camera has an ultra-wide viewing angle, audio and video channels. When the package arrives at your door, you will be notified that if someone tries to take your belongings, the sirens will scare away pirates on the porch.

2. Power-to-Go 5-in-1 wireless private listening TV headset-$19 (68% discount)

Want to watch TV in a quiet home but can't turn up the volume? Just plug the transmitter into the audio source of the TV and it will sync wirelessly to your headphones! When we offered a similar package last year, MorningSave sold out quickly. This season, we got better prices.

3. Fifth and fine 1/4 carat TW natural diamond earrings in 0.925 sterling silver — US$49 (79% discount)

These beautiful earrings are available in three styles: star, heart or XO. Each pair is decorated with 925 sterling silver round diamonds.

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