Entrepreneurs of color spread holiday cheers in the annual market

2021-12-14 22:23:54 By : Ms. Cherry W

The Women of Color Holiday Market hosted by Zola’s House will be held on Saturday at Gravity Columbus from 11 am to 4 pm. Credit: Provided by LC Johnson

This weekend, the celebration space for women of color has become bigger. 

The annual "Women of Color" holiday market will showcase handmade art, jewelry and other items from artists and entrepreneurs at Gravity Columbus from 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday. Jami Jackson, operations, personnel and cultural researcher and house manager of Zora's House, said that the event was organized by Zora's House, a local organization focused on bringing women of color together and creating a place for them to thrive. Community. 

"We want to highlight women of color entrepreneurs, suppliers, and craftsmen who actually create things with their own hands and put a lot of love into them," Jackson said. "A lot of our members are such people, so we just want to figure out how we can promote them and how to highlight them so that they can get more customers and be able to sell their products?"

Jackson said that about 25 suppliers will appear on the market this year, but hopes to continue to develop this activity in the future. 

When looking for suppliers, Jackson stated that she hopes to diversify products while supporting local emerging companies. 

"First, 51% of the business is owned by women of color," Jackson said. "They have to create their own work; like, they have to be hand-made in a certain way. We want it to be unique and cool, because women of color like a lot of different things. We want to change it."

Akharington, a visual artist and event supplier, said that they participated in the holiday market and the summer market at Zola House. The environment is warm and inviting because of its deeper meaning. 

Harrington said: “I can actually feel comfortable in a space designed and catered for people like me and people with the same skin color as me.” “I don’t have to worry about being talked about or other people, for example, putting their The focus shifted to other places. I found it was like a community of my own people, and I found that like-minded people are more popular."

This year, Harrington, who uses her/their pronouns, said that she is most excited about the larger venues, more suppliers, and the debut of her new art works, which are abstract and colorful in nature. Harrington said the difference in market sentiment is refreshing and powerful. 

"I have been through school and white space all my life, and I have been moving in company and white space all my life," Harrington said. "Here, I can really be myself and let my art flourish where people can really appreciate it."

Jackson said that holding an event of this magnitude is not only important for the Zola House, but also for women of color in general.

"We do believe that when women of color are empowered, when they feel comfortable and have the resources they need, they will take off and make the world a better place," she said. 

This activity is free to participate. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. 

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