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2021-12-08 06:11:41 By : Ms. Lynn Deng

Bellport held a soup tasting competition in the four corners of the South Village for small businesses and the village on the station road from noon to 2 pm on Saturday, November 27th, thus incorporating the festive atmosphere of the entries for the annual wreath competition The village will be shown throughout the process from December 4th. That night, Santa will lead the holiday parade out of the fire station at 5:30 pm, and then light up the tree at 6 pm

LuAnn Thompson, vice president of the Bellport Chamber of Commerce, said: “Compared with large communities, Bellport has more shops within a short walking distance.” He described these shops as unique and quaint, just like the village itself.

On weekends during the holidays, you will find someone playing festive music and carols on the piano in Copper Beech (133 S. Country Rd., 631-286-0202, copperbeachbythesea). The eclectic shops owned by designers Thomas O'Brien and Dan Fink reflect their refined aesthetic appeal.

Among the various artisanal foods, there are French and Belgian chocolates, various European chutneys and olive sauces, pasta, oil, vinegar, mustard, biscuits, potato chips and French fries.

There are Portuguese soaps, Coqui perfumes from Mexico, Etoile towels, Kent combs, lamps, bowls, wine utensils, throwing objects, pillows, and a series of items for cooking and entertainment.

"I'm looking for a basket to hold firewood," said Jackie Dennis, 42, Brookhaven, who often buys kitchen utensils at the Copper Beech store while reading handmade baskets of various shapes and sizes.

From left to right, this mermaid-themed sea glass bracelet and other handmade jewelry are on sale at The Village Silversmith Gallery. The sparkling winter hat is one of Bellport Apothecary's gift ideas. | Photo of Linda Rosier; header photo: Copper Beech has many hats. | Photo by Linda Rosier

Fans of the "Schitt's Creek" show will feel at home at Bellport Apothecary (151 S. Country Rd., 631-431-6825,, with episodes of the show recurring throughout the day on a TV monitor in front.

The owner, Giovanni Naso (Giovanni Naso), an interior designer, was inspired by the fictional Ross Pharmacist on the Netflix show, and he decided to open his own pharmacist.

Naso's store sells Joy Lane Farm, Bidwell, Pretty Public, Archipelago Botanicals, Lollio and Tokyo Milk skin care series, handmade pottery, pillows, balm, perfume, Paddywax candles, and organic soaps and honey made by Bellport.

Tara Broillet stopped in the shop for a cup of fragrant coffee, then browsed Christmas and birthday gifts in the shop.

"I'm always looking for different and interesting jewelry," Brookhaven's 41-year-old Broyer said.

Many jewelry have decorative crystals, and many people believe that crystals have healing properties.

"This is purposeful jewelry. In addition to being beautiful, it also provides you with energy uses," said store manager Sharon Munson.

The 51-year-old The Village Silversmith Gallery (149 S. Country Rd., 631-286-1660, is the oldest retail store in Bellport Village.

As the name suggests, silver is the star here, but you can also find a variety of gold jewelry, some of which are mixed with precious or semi-precious stones, most of which were created by owner Dwight Trujillo.

Trujillo's more striking works are part of his nautical series-a combination of silver and beach glass, as well as nautical themed works such as anchor earrings, seahorse rings and starfish necklaces.

"I try to make unique pieces, especially at Christmas, when people are looking for very special gifts," Trujillo said, adding that he often works with Western jasper gems and has created many hammered metal repussé works.

The shop also sells handmade jewelry from elsewhere, mainly in the American West; ceramic bowls, plates, candlesticks, and vases; steel sculptures by Trujillo; and works by local artists, abstract paintings from Roberta Gugliotta of East Patchogue To Brookhaven's John DiNaro's bird wood carving; Brookhaven's woodworker David Ebner (David Ebner) made wooden candlesticks and other works.

When you are in Belport Village, you can also explore these other shops:

Tola (136 S. Country Rd., 631-286-0186, A beach-inspired boutique that sells jewelry (including Charms by the Bay in certain areas), flannels, sweaters and other casual clothing, as well as hats, gloves, handbags, baby clothes, candles, soap and sunglasses.

Bellport General (138 S. Country Rd., 631-803-8121, A modern-style general store where you can find indoor plants, household items, cool coasters, canned food, clothing, fashionable socks, face creams, beach towels, sunglasses, etc.

Red Barn Boutique (146 S. Country Rd., 631-803-0671, You will find comfortable women's clothing, modern farmhouses and seasonal decorations, as well as special Christmas decorations and ornaments.

The Storefront Bellport (139 S. Country Rd., 631-803-2190, This three-story boutique bookstore gallery offers books by local Bellport and Brookhaven writers; Farmhouse Herbal Soap from Brookhaven; Botanicals from H. Bellport, Elisabettu Bellu Clothing and Ceramics from Bellport; Sadie from Brookhaven The costume of Thaddeus O'Neil. During the festival, the gallery will exhibit lights and light boxes by Christopher Tennant of Bellport.

Bellport Art and Frame Studio (137 S. Country Rd., 631-803-6076, A frame studio that also sells art and home office supplies, unique gift packaging and greeting cards, photo frames, and a selection of works by Bellport watercolor artists and photographers.

Porters on the Lane, 19 Bellport Lane, 631-803-6067, Looking forward to straightforward new American styles-burgers and sliders, lobster rolls, steaks and ribs-as well as marinated filet mignon tips "Wok" with gorgonzola cream. Carla Marla's Ice Cream Parlor, 8 Bellport Lane, 631-803-6630: This delightful place offers fantastic milkshakes, floats and ice cream every day (the cream shop in the 2012 "Royal Pain" episode).

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