How Much New Jewelry Can You See in an Hour? – JCK

2022-07-02 07:53:01 By : Mr. Hyman Ye

It’s been one of those weeks. Normally, I would devote most of an entire day to covering the NY Now show’s nexus of talented jewelry designers and artisans, but as it happened, I had only an hour to spare. One hour.

Which required blitzing through aisles 1000-1300 like it was an episode of Supermarket Sweep, talking even faster than I normally do and honing in on just a handful of designers I hadn’t connected with in a while. (Except for Judi Powers, whom I saw at JA New York in March, but JCK’s Melissa Bernardo’s Instagram posts drew me in with pics of green tourmalines and delicately flickering gemstone stackers, and I couldn’t stay away.)

Here’s how I used my time, with photos and a few notes.

Top: New earrings from Los Angeles–based designer Elisabeth Bell featuring custom-cut chrysoprase and the mintiest Zambian emeralds 

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