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2021-12-14 22:21:01 By : Ms. Penny Peng

2021 is coming to an end, and it's time for the whole family to celebrate.

Flamingo mini dress, $699. There is nothing subtle about party dresses this season, colors or glitter (or both!) create a festive atmosphere. leolinofficial.com.au

Mostro tassel earrings, $59. Nothing tells party time better than tassels. au.elkthelabel.com

Sleeveless glasses, $9.95 each. If you are hosting a small party, why not give everyone a glass with their initials engraved on them. maxwellandwilliams.com.au

Men's cotton modal shirt, $39.90. This smart shirt has a loose fit and is perfect for casual evening parties. Uniqlo.com/au

Bond Juice Jar, $39.95. Add fresh juice or punch, top with seasonal fruits and mint, and enjoy a delicious refreshment on a hot summer day. saltandpepper.com.au

Bebe Woodland Flutter jumpsuit, $63. Babies in 2021 have no reason and cannot be dressed for this occasion. tutudumonde.com.au

Viski Belmont pineapple tumbler, $53.40. Just seasonal items like this can create fun party themes. Amazon website

Sunrise high heels, US$169.95. Leave your slippers at the door, it's time to put on a new pair of (comfortable) shoes to celebrate. hushpuppies.com.au

Prosecco is extremely low-priced, $20. A sparkling wine full of green apple flavor, each bottle is less than a standard glass-for those who dream of light and bright choices, this is a game changer. brownbrothers.com.au

Fenty Beauty Resting Peach face cream blush and Mini Gloss Bomb Cream combination, 36 dollars. Apply fresh soft peaches on your cheeks and lips to make your party ensemble the focus. sephora.com.au

Jackbox Party Pack 8, $42.95-$44.95. As a family favorite, these party games are played on electronic devices (such as computers), with your smartphone, tablet, or computer acting as the controller. jackboxgames.com

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