The best handbags and accessories for your holiday style

2021-12-08 05:37:19 By : Ms. Anny Yu

Personalized accessories that add a festive touch to your style:

In this holiday season, women's gorgeous, timeless styles and modern accessories-will add highlights to your overall look. In fact, as the song says, "This is the most wonderful time of the year", it can match and keep the appearance cheerful and bright.

The beauty of these selected product lines is that they can be worn easily and elegantly-until 2022.

Ladies, let's face it, when dressing for the holidays, be careful not to wear too much green or red. In short, others will think you are stupid and not serious.

Instead, I suggest you plan your style and make an entrance. It is the season of admission. Frankly speaking; when we are reunited with family and friends, who doesn't like to enter during this festival of the year. More importantly, the family at this time has a lot to be thankful for. Celebratory dressing can be as pragmatic as wearing a modern black dress and a sweet green or red printed silk scarf.

Earlier, my women's fashion editor Emma Cunnington and I chose accessory trends that will bring a little sparkle and excitement to your social gatherings.

Below, explore and purchase these personalized accessories to make you have a wonderful night!

Able Made's Maizy mini crossbody bag is made of durable pineapple leaf fiber and shines.

The Able Made—Maizy mini crossbody bag has a soft, environmentally friendly metallic silver shell, made of durable pineapple leaf fiber, and decorated with black vegan suede lining. The hardware is reduced to pins and magnets. This is a convertible round shape-you can adjust the shoulder strap to wear in four ways: on the back of the shoulders, buttocks, or through the height of the body. The entire bag series are manufactured in a sustainable manner in the United States to support local employment, and the proceeds through the Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation help enhance the health of urban youth. 250 USD

Amateras Pastel Tan Clutch

Amateras-This soft clutch is designed to carry everything you need on the go. The soft material of the bag adds a relaxed feeling to any shape, and it can be easily matched with neutral colors. 79 USD 

Jacqueline tote bag of Apede Mod 21FW series

Apede Mod-The new Jacqueline tote bag for fall/winter 2021 is made of Apede Mods' iconic crocodile embossed cowhide and decorated with a polished metal oval buckle. This is the iconic design of the new FW series. The design of the oval buckle is inspired by the classic metal chain of Apede Mods, which combines the casual mode with the modern style of New York City. USD 496

Auvere's miniature hoop earrings

Auvere—Hoop earrings Micro brings a beautiful golden touch to your earlobes. The smallest earrings in the Auvere's Hoop Earring series of seven, Hoop Earring Micro is small enough to allow multiple piercings above and below the ear; it can also be paired with larger earrings to create eye-catching stacks of earrings. Hoop Earring Micro is handcrafted from rich 22 carats of polished gold. The gold weight of each earring is approximately 2.1 grams. 325 USD

Awe Inspired Catherine the Great Pendant Necklace

Awe Inspired-The raised design elaborately crafted by Catherine the Great is finished with raised filigree cutouts. Inspired by a large number of odes to the incredible Russian queen, Awe handled her portrait very carefully. It is very important to provide the modern commemoration deserved for the Queen’s extensive humanitarian work. Please note that emerald, her favorite stone, has details on her collar. Her frame is also inspired by the Russian cornices in the 17th century and popular illustrations during her reign. 210 USD

Banda Bags Aman Mini Weekender

Banda Bags-Banda Bags is a 100% vegan, sustainable and handmade accessories collection. The brand employs more than 80 female artisans in Sumatra, where handbags are handmade. Banda Bags is committed to providing these women with more economic opportunities, employment opportunities and fair wages. The outer layer of all bags of this brand is made of recycled nylon (RPET) material, the embroidery is made of recycled waste plastic thread, and the inner lining is made of organic cotton, hemp or canvas. Aman Mini Weekender ("Aman" in Indonesian means "peace") is the perfect daily bag, gym bag and pouch for conscious consumers. 250 USD

Elizabeth Baguette from behno, classic style with modern style.

behno Elizabeth Baguette is one of behno's iconic styles, with nostalgic and modern styles. Minimalism, no hardware, subtle architectural shapes and spacious interior space are very suitable for daily wear. Elizabeth Baguette is made in an ethical manner using the highest quality Italian leather and Indian craftsmanship, bringing you timeless and honest accessories. 490 USD 

Bellemere New York touch screen 100% cashmere gloves

Bellemere New York-These touch screen gloves are perfect for people who are tired of taking off their gloves to answer calls and text messages on their smartphones. Bellemere's touch screen gloves allow you to use your phone on the road in cold weather-without making your hands feel cold. You can also choose to wear the gloves only on your wrist instead of the soft cashmere material on your fingers. 110 USD

Belt's Amore / Mamabear-Marisa belt. Italian leather and nickel-free gold hardware. made in Italy.

Belt's Amore "The belt'Mamabear' was the inspiration for my brand Belt's Amore. A few years ago, I fell in love with my mother Marisa's vintage belt in the late 1980s. I started wearing it all the time (this is why all my belts are Called "Marissa Belt"). I have never been a big fan of belts, but that...that stole my heart. So this is how I created my first belt, the Marissa belt "Mamabear" , This is the main part of the retro soul of all belts there: 100% handmade in Italy, available in 9 different sizes." Annalisa Arcando, designer and founder of Belt's Amore. 231 USD

Alexia is a leather handbag or shoulder bag, perfect for shopping, work, parties and... [+] other daily uses.

Bob Oré Blue series-this bag is the main product of the Bob Oré Blue series. It shows the brand's emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Created to suit all occasions, the classic yellow can be matched with different outfits, and the black and caramel versions are very chic and elegant. Bob Ore Blue Collection is about the details! The curve or shape of the Alexia bag makes this single product more unique and interesting. In order to provide our customers with a luxurious experience, our bags are made of genuine leather. This allows us to design and create high-quality works at an affordable price. 199 USD

Wonton 20 Balloon Tan, the best fluffy lambskin leather handbag

BOYY-The TAKEAWAY series was launched in 2019, inspired by the designers' fond memories of their New York City-in the countless nights spent in their apartment bordering Chinatown, takeaway containers from nearby restaurants kept appearing. The TAKEAWAY series cleverly uses proportions (exaggerated edge piping) and provides unexpectedly pleasing styling options (by connecting/disconnecting the handle with the metal twist button). The TAKEAWAY series explores softer, organic shapes, and BUCKLE The structured silhouette of the series contrasts. USD 1,2310  

The reusable iTKit shopping system is designed to enhance your shopping experience and is an all-in-one... [+] Shopping solution that includes everything you need for an organized plastic-free shopping market.

BRINGiT——iTKit is an all-in-one shopping solution consisting of 8 bags, including a handbag, shopping bag and various product bags. These bags are combined to facilitate storage and transportation and meet the market’s need for functionality and availability. The demand for continued alternatives is plastic bags and cotton bags. Made of materials made of beech and eucalyptus, each piece is lightweight and soft to the touch-but durable, suitable for regular trips to markets of different sizes. BRINGiT bags are designed to meet everything people need to travel in the plastic-free market, with the added benefit of organization and ease of cleaning. Every detail—from the position of the pocket to the width of the handle—is designed with the comfort and convenience of consumers in mind. 69.95 USD

An organic seawater Keshi pearl is paired with an exquisite 14-carat pure gold chain-BRUNA's... [+] Iconic Tahitian necklace.

BRUNA label-a logo, an icon, Tahitian necklace holds a special place in our hearts. Our journey begins here. Each unique and rare Tahitian Keshi pearl was carefully selected by Helena, which inspired the inspiration that later became BRUNA. At its core is an organic seawater Keshi pearl, paired with an exquisite 14-carat pure gold chain-seamlessly combined to create our iconic Tahitian necklace. The silver-blue hue of these unique pearls reflects the calm waters of the coast of Tahiti-allowing you to enjoy a small piece of paradise. A necklace that will never be taken off-this pure gold piece is waterproof, durable and durable. Let our iconic style be your own. Pair it with pure gold Tahitian earrings to create a cool island style, or layer it with a Lyon necklace. USD 521

Bruno Magli Chiseled M shoulder bag

Bruno Magli-crafted in Italy from soft Italian leather, the Chiseled M shoulder bag is decorated with our oversized architectural buckle, adding exquisite charm to any wardrobe. The rough-cut chain on this high waist style can be worn in two ways-as a single chain with long shoulder length or as a double chain with short shoulder length. USD 695

Charles & Colvard 3/4 CTW Round Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Taurus Pendant 14K Yellow Gold

Charles & Colvard-Let your constellation shine. Your sun, moon, and rising sign appear as a sacred 14k gold medal, decorated with your zodiac symbol, made of the highest quality Caydia laboratory-grown diamonds, total weight 0.72 carats. Caydia is a series of the highest quality laboratory-grown diamonds, with the best carat weight, meeting carefully considered standards. For those who swear by zodiac signs and zodiac readings, this is the perfect personalized gift. 1,499.00 USD                                                                                         

Ordinary alloy-exquisite chain Huggie earrings fit like a loose hug. 55 USD

Dania Shinkar's Majj White Croc embossed wallet "retro design, modern function"

Dania Shinkar-Named after the founder's brother, this "Majj" is a top handle bag, with a stylish trapezoidal silhouette and a modern style of retro frame bag. "Majj" is our retro design version with modern features-here, the classic "coin purse" is reimagined as a mobile phone bag. USD 723 

Dee Ocleppo cashmere monogram beanie

Dee Ocleppo-Dee Ocleppo Laverne Monogram Cashmere series is the brand's first foray into the field of ready-to-wear. This 100% cashmere knitted monogram beanie keeps warm without compromising style. It has contrasting personalized letters and is decorated with insulated ribbed trim with three contrasting stripes. The cashmere series is made of high-quality cashmere, with unparalleled softness and quality, allowing you to relax and relax. 145 USD

Whether it’s a night out, a casual day or an elegant dinner, Kiera handbags will add style and... [+] Elegance to your outfit.

Enamoure Kiera handbags have a touch of retro, "chic and eye-catching", and are the ideal accessory for any woman who knows what she wants. Decorated with black beaded handles, orange body and gold chain. 340 USD 

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EN Studio-this iconic earring product extracted from EN Studio, cast in 18k gold, its outline highlights the boundary between sophistication and uniqueness. Everything in EN Studio is handmade in their studio in Catskill, New York, emphasizing craftsmanship and fine jewelry as tangible objects to commemorate the experience and relationships that have stood the test of time. This stunning building also stems from EN Studio’s knowledge of using recycled metals and ethical stones to make all the fine jewelry inspired by sculptures. USD 2,600

This mini version of Elysian silk velvet handbag series is the perfect gift for fashionistas... [+] And wanderlust, they will always treasure.

Elysian-the newest member of the handbag series. The must-have items for date night are made of glossy velvet. The most unique way of weaving in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan is to weave fine metal filaments into the fabric, and then cut the silk to release the metal filaments, leaving a striped velvet pile. Shine in this small and elegant individual product. USD 245.00

The FURLA-Furla 1927 bag is a crossbody bag made of leather, suede and eco-friendly wool skin fabrics. This model is equipped with an elastic cross-body shoulder strap that can be worn comfortably on the body. It uses a button closure with the Furla logo, which is practical and practical. Leather, suede and eco-friendly wool skin are combined with soft, warm and precious fabrics and materials. $398

The model wears a platinum Diamond Icon bracelet.

George The Jeweler — the perfect bracelet to match with other bracelets or to wear alone. Both ends of the bracelet are set with baguette diamonds, which shine with perfect light. USD 2,799.99

"Mamipo" necklace, a timeless work made of freshwater pearls and a beautiful agate stone

The Gin From The Pampa "'MAMIPO' necklace is my first work. The material is very strong: the red agate stone is very eye-catching, and the power of this gem is to make your dream come true. The necklace also carries my grandma's The name, because it always reminds me of her and the pearls she has been wearing. This is also one of my best-selling styles. It can be worn in summer because the charm of starfish is very suitable for beach styles, and in winter: the red of the stone will increase And warm every piece of clothing." Léa Ceccaldi, designer and founder of The Pampa gin. 107 USD

ABLE's Galaxy earrings can be purchased at goodMRKT

goodMRKT-these ABLE earrings provided by goodMRKT have elegant arcs and exquisite texture. Lightweight, comfortable and completely low-key. ABLE jewelry is crafted by hand in Nashville, Tennessee. As an ethical fashion brand, ABLE uses ethical manufacturing and sustainable employment opportunities to improve the quality of life of women and children around the world. This is one of many brands dedicated to doing good that you can find on! goodMRKT is a concept store in the SoHo district. It comes from the creative mind of Vera Bradley and has selected more than 50 brands. These brands face the challenges of the world and dare to make changes. USD 50.00

Greenwich St. Jewelers- The Astra Collection is inspired by co-owner Jennifer Gandia's lifelong love of astrology. Each zodiac sign is displayed on the front with recycled 18k gold and shiny diamonds. 1,850 USD

This compact backpack will take you from day trips to daily errands, giving you peace of mind... [+] Thank you for your lifelong commitment.

Hammitt is designed for travel and daily wear, Hunter Med shows Hammitt's taste for fashion and avant-garde functions. Be sure to use its concealed pockets and make sure your luggage passes through. 295 USD

HANH Collection Black Lunch Bag

HANH series-Bento bag is made of Hanh's iconic jacquard floral print, casual and versatile, and is the ultimate luxury handbag. Decorated with decorative pleats and knotted shoulder straps, this lightweight bag can be worn comfortably on the shoulders. Blossom Jacquard is made in the United States and is made of 100% viscose fiber. The size is 26" x 28.5". It is available in black, ivory and military colors. USD 195

Nº59 is a beautifully carved half-moon-shaped daily bag, perfect for after-get off work activities. ... [+] This handbag features a newly created asymmetric structure, inspired by the work of the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

IMAGO-A—IMAGO-A is a series of enduring exquisite handbags and accessories designed to add personality and versatility to modern wardrobes. The Nº59 is made of tan Italian top grain leather, has a stylish structure, is fully lined, has unique folding details and an asymmetric flap. The lace-up shoulder straps are made of soft white ready-to-wear leather. This medium bag can hold all your essentials and more, with an adjustable strap that can be cross-body, cross-body or tied to a trash bag. The brand is headquartered in New York City, and its mission is to design and produce creative and iconic luxury fashion accessories for fashion lovers with strong personal taste and personality at affordable prices. IMAGO-A items are handmade, with uncompromising quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Currently, the series is designed and developed in New York and produced by a small family manufacturer in Seoul, South Korea. The founder and designer Yegang Yoo is from here. 525 USD

Judith Ripka Arete 18K Diamond Hoop Earrings

Judith Ripka Where dreams meet art, the Judith Ripka Arete series draws inspiration from the pulsating energy of New York City. The 18K gold design and sparkling diamonds reflect the sublimation of architectural elements. This eponymous brand originated in New York, a city full of charm and vitality, making the Arete series more meaningful. 2,195.00 USD

Kay Jewelers Le Vian series

Kay Jewelers-This gorgeous ring from Le Vian is part of Kay's new collection. It is designed in 14K honey gold and showcases a row of sacred round chocolate diamonds surrounded by sweet and shiny round vanilla diamonds. The total diamond weight of this ring is 7/8 carats, which is as unique as hers! This is a perfect multifunctional single product that can be worn alone or as part of a stack. USD 1,999.99

"Circe Necklace" is inspired by the Greek goddess Circe (sorceress, Helios and... [+] Perse’s daughter), and is the perfect statement piece that makes you feel powerful and feminine

La Aeaea-"We believe that Circe is the most representative product of our variety. The history behind its name is closely related to its meaning to the collection, and its aesthetics are fascinating. It is located on the mythical island Aeaea on the west coast of Italy. The goddess and witch, Circe-the daughter of the sun god Helios, and the sea goddess Perth. It is basic to use pearls as the protagonist of our brand. In some cultures, pearls are used to help women and their inner goddess Connected. Through our genderless approach, we hope everyone can feel connected to their inner god or goddess. They symbolize wisdom, provide protection and good luck. Pearls enhance personal integrity and promote faith, loyalty and purity. La Aeaea's pearls should be embraced and worn every day, abandoning the traditional method of preserving pearls for special occasions. We want to share the magic of pearls with all our customers. Therefore, each of our necklaces is named after the Roman or Greek goddess Like supporting the goddess, La Aeaea donates a portion of each sale to NOW, the National Organization for Women." Isabella Fanciulli, founder and designer of La Aeaea: $175

LANDA Teca burgundy bag with new chic plexiglass chain.

Landa-LANDA's new series has witnessed their best-selling TECA bag, which comes to life with a very cool and unique new element-the plexiglass chain. The chain not only adds avant-garde feel to the bag, but also adds new functions. There are now 3 ways to wear this bag: a crossbody with a long leather shoulder strap, a top handle with a leather handle, and a resin chain that can be carried on the shoulder. These chains are very unique, with 2 square links at both ends, followed by oval links, to complete this beautiful sequence with a subtle tortoise shell combination. These plexiglass chains are 100% handmade to the highest standards, adding a touch of luxury to the bag. 495 USD

Lapima Cora Atlantic Água blue gradient lenses

Lapima-part of the Brazilian eyewear company Lapima's Aurora series. The narrow and slender Cora sunglasses are designed around perpetual motion during a sharp aesthetic experimentation. Similar to the shape of a mask, this style is practical and cool. Acetate Água means "water" in Portuguese, bringing the nuances and movement of water, combining blue and transparency. USD 493.00

LEEADA Jewelry Bryn Pearl Lariat Necklace

LEEADA Jewelry was originally proposed by gem lovers who wanted to create a jewelry space between fashion and heirlooms. Fashionable but not fashionable, young but mature, seemingly relaxed and aspiring style. Their series reflects a spirit that evokes a spirit that glides gracefully in the seasons, unaffected by the calendar ~ this spirit is very similar to their beloved City of Angels, where the series was originally imagined. The Bryn pearl lasso necklace is made of 14K gold and brass and is one of the true natural mother-of-pearls. USD 85.00

Lexxola Jordy Tortoise/Yellow Sunglasses

Lexxola-Lexxola is a new type of glasses, it was born in the city, built for the city, suitable for daily wear. Lexxola was founded to rewrite the glasses script to reflect the modern glasses experience. What's completely different is that the brand's glasses are a year-round tool and an integral part of your daily uniform, designed to give strength. Lexxola Jordy sunglasses pay tribute to the 60s and have now become one of the brand's best-selling frames in the world. Combining cutting-edge technology and trusted technology, every pair of Lexxola sunglasses are durable and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. 260 USD

The Karla chain bag is the perfect bag for the holiday season. It can hold the necessary necessities,... [+] At the same time it looks like a sweet tooth

MARIMEKKO's Pikku Karla shoulder bag inspired by candy wrappers is made of leather with a gold chain strap. The chain is connected to a metal ring to gather the ends of the bag. The small bag has a zipper closure and a zipper pocket inside. $275

Marshall Columbia SSENSE Exclusive Plush Shoulder Bag

The Marshall Columbia-Marshall Columbia SSENSE exclusive plush shoulder bag is an eye-catching accessory, using a hand-made padded mesh handbag, in a soft and eye-catching sky blue, and decorated with precious stones. 360.00 USD

The wavy Pala bracelet uses a set of three gold and bronze bracelets provided by Misho Designs.

MISHO-A twist on our classic Pala bracelets, these undulating bracelets will be the perfect complement to you! 116 USD

Freshwater Tahitian black pearls plated with a 14k gold chain. Choker necklace can be worn 14 inches or 15 inches

Montserrat New York-La Perla Choker is an original work, the core of the brand's existence. This necklace has black Tahitian pearls and freshwater white pearls. 75 USD

Noémie's diamond medallion necklace has a symbolic diamond decoration 18k gold medal... [+] Personalization, allowing you to tell your own story.

Noémie Noémie's diamond medallion necklace is a true modern heirloom. This pendant necklace is decorated with a symbolic diamond decoration medal for you to tell your own story. Choose from a variety of beautiful and eye-catching 18k gold pendants with high-quality diamond halos, made of yellow, rose or white gold to create custom necklaces or bracelets that you can pass on from generation to generation. This necklace includes 5 small charms, adjustable gold chain, retail price of 3,460 US dollars (0.45 carats). The charm medal has the following designs: palm tree, elephant, peace sign, smiley face, yin and yang, star of David, cross, buzz, heart, moon, crown, etc. $3,460

PETA + JAIN ISLA white/gold bag

PETA + JAIN- ISLA is soft and casual, our perfect croissant-shaped shoulder bag. ISLA adopts a pleated scoop-shaped design and is equipped with a detachable cross-body shoulder strap, which can be worn as a cross-body bag. Made of soft vegan leather with light gold accessories. 55 USD 

PORSCIA YEGANEH——For business women and world travelers, the PORSCIA YEGANEH AELIA bag can take you from sightseeing to board meetings, and then out in the evening. The AELIA backpack to the top handle is named after the Queen of Rome, redefining the ALL-MADE-IN-ITALY way. This multifunctional bag is made of Bordeaux grained calfskin with a bubble gum pink edging and is decorated with innovative 3D hardware. Featherweight 18-carat rose gold-plated flesh is hand-carved into a figure of eight connected with a P shape-you will find innovative hardware on the front and adjustable shoulder strap-and 14 hand-placed metal letters on the back. This brand new luxury, Forever Luxury, provides an enhanced sustainable experience and products that are popular now and in the future. This is the beauty of transcendence, the quality you can touch-suitable for individuals who are style-centric. 3,100 USD

Rocksbox—Rocksbox is a revolutionary jewelry rental + try before buy membership, which is changing the way shoppers discover + buy jewelry. Members can get endless style discoveries from national designers such as Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, Luv AJ, and more recently Cocoacentric and REBL. In the past year, Rocksbox has launched a semi-boutique collection and expanded their gender fluid classification to bring everyone jewelry they can make by themselves, which will only increase the price of $21 per month! Their monthly membership allows you to change jewelry as many times as you need. This is indeed the perfect solution to try jewelry trends without making your jewelry box overcrowded! Free membership 21 times a month or 3-12 months, ranging from $63 to $189

Micro air bubbles in the soft calf with an air tube.

SHARKCHASER-The Micro Bubble-This gem is specially designed to carry your Air Tube earphones, so it is easy to access and won't get entangled in your bag. If it is not used for your Air Tubes, Micro Bubble can be used to carry all the small items that may be lost in your bag, and using its genius strap, it can be connected to any bag. With trachea $270—without trachea $235

These enamel hoop earrings add a playful color to any outfit and are decorated with 0.18 carats of white... [+] Bezel-set diamonds

Simon G. Jewelry-Simon G. Jewelry is one of the first brands to incorporate color contrast through the use of various metals. This is the first time the brand has cooperated with enamel to launch a series of various tones. These hoop earrings are inspired by the Greek landscape, where the white buildings meet the cool blue sea. $2,794

Sorellina x Trove Tarot Jewelry Box

Sorellina x Trove-Inspiration and ambition, this limited edition Sorellina x Trove collaboration brings the worlds of Sorellina and Trove together to celebrate the Sorellina Tarot high-end jewelry collection. This unique stage container has both amulets and functionality, and is the perfect home for you to collect all your precious works. Open the lacquer finish to reveal the micro suede interior, including two ring/earring parts, bordering the tray, and the tray is pulled out to reveal the open base compartment. 1160 USD

Mirror Mirror Pearl Locket Necklace

Twelve-Nordstrom's New Concept Mirror Freshwater Pearl Locket Necklace Twelve-featuring luminous freshwater pearls, inlaid with sparkling mixed crystals and padlock locket, making photos or souvenirs more special. 100 dollars 

Ursa Major 18k gold medium checkerboard hoop

Ursa Major-Just like the floor of Cy Twombly's Roman home, the flag that says'go!f' or the subsequent chess game, these earrings have a polished and matte checkerboard pattern to add fun to your daily basketball. They are a minimal little statement, perfectly folded on the ear, or as an exquisite single piece. 1250 USD

Yi Collection Rainbow Chain Ring

Yi Collection—Yi Collection golden rainbow chain link, decorated with multicolored gems. It shows the natural charm and relaxed luxury of its chain links. Each setting is carefully handcrafted for this modern design. The iconic links look very delicate individually or stacked. Each ring is a unique combination of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and aquamarine, made of 14k pure gold. 625 USD

10K White Gold Marilyn Monroe Diamond Polo Bracelet

Zales-This diamond polo bracelet curated by Marilyn Monroe Be Iconic is a contemporary classic, as unique as hers. This charming model is made in cool 10K white gold with a row of sparkling diamond-lined geometric contours-each one represents Marilyn's iconic white dress. It shines with 1/2 ctw diamonds and bright polished luster. Be Iconic's curation is inspired by one of the most enduring heritage of the 20th century and a charming fashion icon. It represents the empowerment of women everywhere and is exclusively sold in Zales. USD 1,249.00

Zoë Chicco 14K Single Large Pearl Bracelet

Zoë Chicco -14k gold bright thread bracelet, with a large white freshwater pearl fixed in the center and gold beads at the end, it is very suitable for stacking or wearing alone. USD 695