"I'm not as stupid as you think": YK Osiris fires back at Chad Johnson by sarcastically buying counterfeit jewelry similar to Rapper's $325,000 diamond earrings

2021-12-08 05:38:21 By : Mr. Ye Blair

YK Osiris may not care much about people paying attention to his spending habits, especially because it relates to thrifty former NFL star Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson.

The "worthy" rapper sparked a lot of comments on social media, when reports that he bought a pair of diamond earrings priced at $325,000 were widely circulated on social media. The expensive "ice" even caught Johnson's attention, he shared on social, "I bought the same earrings from Claire for $10."

"How can you tell me how to spend my money" Osiris asked in his initial response to the former wide receiver. He only said that he saved thousands of dollars by buying similar but suitable earrings and achieved the same Aesthetics-minus the shimmer and high price. 

I bought the same earrings from Claire's 💎🤑 https://t.co/EsRLChgqYE for $10

He continued: "This is crazy, this is crazy for me! If Ocho Coco wants to go to Claire's to buy earrings for $10, I congratulate you. You should do it, it’s your money. But you don’t Do other people’s things and don’t tell others how to spend money."

Although Johnson has never made any suggestions on how and how Osiris should spend money, the rapper made it clear that the simple comment of buying similar earrings from jewelry retailer Claire's made him very nervous. Johnson is known for his money-saving methods, which have long included wearing attractive but counterfeit jewelry. When talking about his consumption habits, he even declared, "Literally, I am the cheapest fr in the world." 

But as far as Osiris is concerned, his decision to use luxury jewelry to deal with this problem has nothing to do with Johnson or anyone else. In a follow-up response to Instagram Live, he clearly expressed this information. "For any kid who is watching this show, for anyone looking up to me, I don't recommend that you pay that type of money for any type of jewelry, forever," he said.

He talked directly to Johnson again, and he continued to call him Ocho Coco, and he added, "Pay attention to your business. Stay in your business. You can hit my DM. You don't have to do everything for Instagram, man. Hit. My DM. But I am grateful to you and I accepted your suggestion. One thing about Osiris, I am not as stupid as you think. I am smart. Remember this... and I am still rich ."

On social media, the one-sided audience wrote: “Why does he take it too personally. You can say it hurts his soul [laughing emoji].” Others wrote, “Imagine this I was interrupted", "Youngin, he is just sharing suggestions. MC Hammer didn't teach you anything [Laughing Emoji'."

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